UTS 4000M Diver Watch

Sure, no one really needs a watch that resists pressure from over 12,000 feet of water, but that doesn’t stop us from lusting after the UTS 4000M Diver Watch.

The latest creation from German watchmaker UTS Munchen, the UTS 4000M Diver Watch comes in two versions, a GMT with the ETA 2893 and a 3-hander with the ETA 2824. The watch is the creation of mechanical engineer Nicolaus Spinner who set the bar in the world of deep divers watches in 2004. Back then, the limit was 3,000m below surface.

To handle the immense underwater pressure (and to show off to your friends) the watch includes a stainless steel plate that holds a 6MM thick AR-coated sapphire crystal in place. AR refers to Anti-Reflective.

The plate is then held together by a stainless steel ring which is further affixed by seven additional hex screws. The UTS 4000M Diver Watch is large – measuring 45mm by 17.5mm. The weight of the dial itself is 205g on rubber, and weighs 305g on the bracelet.

The UTS 4000M Diver Watch with changeable rubber band

Like most high-end diving watches, the UTS 4000M’s markers and hands are applied with SuperLuminova so it glows in the dark.

As one of the few brands in the market that make their own cases and deliver outstanding timepieces, the UTS 4000M Diver Watch is a cool 5,000 Euros for GMT and 4,500 Euros for the 3-hand version. Limited edition of 200 pieces. Needless to say, it’s crafted in Germany.